Massage Therapy

Greta L. Mitchell

Licensed Massage Therapist

Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association

By appointment only

Room 508
Fifth Floor
Did you know we have the luxury and convenience of having a massage therapist at The Toledo Club?

Greta Mitchell, a licensed massage therapist, has provided massage services at the Club since February 2002. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and has completed the many educational courses. She has taught students at Northwest Academy of Massage Therapy for three years.

Massage is increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. Massage can be helpful for stress relief, blood pressure control, sports-related injuries and boosting immunity.

Greta first became interested in massage therapy as a client. She worked many years as a dental hygienist and used the services of a massage therapist regularly for stress and muscle tension relief. She thought it was wonderful to experience reduced pain from manual manipulation, with less reliance on pharmaceuticals before and after a spinal surgery. It seemed to her that our world had become "germ phobic" and there was a great need to let people know that human touch is therapeutic and sometimes proves to be the perfect remedy.

For many members and guests of The Toledo Club, she provides a general, full-body relaxation massage.
Most of the techniques used are procedures from Swedish massage. Pressurre can be varied from light to deep depending on the client's preference. When providing a theraputic massage for dysfunction or pain management, the techniques she uses include post-isometric stretching, myofacial release, trigger point and positional releases. Greta says everyone can benefit from some form of massage.



 "Greta's professional manner is A+. If I am experiencing any physical pain, she will zero in that area and my problem has been relieved. I leave every session feeling blissful and stress free!" Brenda Jurgenson

"Greta is gentle, reliable, eager to please, amicable and well schooled in the field of human anatomy. Treat yourself to an hour of relaxation.". Jacquey Yocum

"Greta is so skilled, she can find that trouble spot and melt it away. You will find all your stresses melt away too." Betty Sherman

"The benefits of getting a massage are numerous. Greta has been great for me, especially when I get pulled muscles, but beyond that she gives peace of mind, relaxation, relief from everyday life, spiritual needs. I cannot say enough about a massage in general, but Greta does make it special for you. For me, it has helped me get through tough times, relief from recent injury and just a chance to relax and forget about everyday life. Thanks Greta for providing this service at the Club." Mary Helen Williams